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Welcome to Shantay Radio, glad to have yall here with us other imvu folk. I am DjShantay, Owner of this radio station. I do this for fun for me and my friends and I am not professional. I love music and listen to pretty much all types, If there is something you would like to hear please don't hesitate to make a request. Be sure you push play to start listening. Now come join us in the room, if we are on, and enjoy and laugh.

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Shantay Radio is for fun and not professional. I am not claiming to be a DJ, I just love music and want to share. I play a little bit of everything and if I don't have I will find. I will play clean or I might play explicit music, so don't get offended. I might cuss, or I might be serious, don't like it don't listen. I am me.

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